Behind every 'Like' and 'Share', there is an unicorn cat with laser-shooting eyes ready to take on the trolls from the North and bring balance to the universe!


In all seriousness, social media and the prevalence of smartphones have enabled advertising in ways that weren't possible just ten years ago. It's no longer about just getting Likes. It is about building a community and empowering your fans to become advocators of your brand. It's about having a personality and engaging your audience in a meaningful two-way conversation.


Growing plant-loving fans in a fun and informative journey.

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 Social Media Management | OOH 


Horse shampoo for who, you said?

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Social Media Management | Branding


Bringing awareness of goat milk product to the young parents of Singapore

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 Social Media Management | Events 


Outrageous haircare products from Japan.

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 Social Media Management | Branding 


Social media for the largest chemical company in the world.

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 Social Media Management 


Inspiring young artists to participate in a CSR-driven campaign that could give them a big break in their careers.

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 Social Media Activation | OOH | Digital 


Just how many sardine cans can be squeezed into this little car?

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 Social Media Contest | Event-driven