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Updated: May 18, 2019

"Oh look it's the thing I didn't know I need!"
*Clicks and view the product on a webpage*
And for the next 3 days, ads of that brand will follow you across websites and social media...

It has been said that a consumer touches your brand 7 times before a purchase decision is made. So being able to track and retarget relevant ads to your audience who previously viewed your websites or opened your emails is a powerful way to maximize your ad dollars and maintain a top-of-mind awareness among your captive audience.

Retargeting Ads Are More Effective

The average click-thru rate of a typical ad is only 0.07%. But the consumer is 10 times more likely to click on your retargeted ad and 70% more likely to convert to sales at your website. 

So if I've convinced you that digital retargeting is an important part of your marketing, come talk to us. And we'll show you how an ad campaign can be creative and effective at the same time. 

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